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[ten-ten pee-ay]


Ten Ten Pie´ takes its name from a Spanish slang word for “snack”; it’s classic “grab and go” food, anything you’d eat to keep you on your feet. Our inspirations are diverse, from traditional French pastry, ethnic markets, Asian convenience stores, and street food from around the world. We believe a good bite to eat in hand, and a refreshing drink can turn the mundane into a flavorful celebration.


Our menu items change
frequently and we always
feature daily specials. This
menu reflects our most
frequent offerings and pricing.


Our morning pastries focus on hand-crafted, French style all-butter croissants. We carefully choose the highest quality ingredients to achieve the most flavorful pastries: Danish with seasonal fruits, Kouign Amann with raw sugar, almond croissants dusted with matcha powder, and many more every morning.

Croissant – hand rolled, with high-fat butter and a touch of ancient Einkorn flour $2.22
Chocolate Croissant – our classic laminated croissant with rich dark chocolate $2.41
Danish – seasonal fruit with hand-made filling $3.50
Kouign Amann – A Breton style sticky bun with croissant dough, raw sugar, and pecans $2.75
Matcha Almond Twice Baked Croissant-our traditional croissant smothered with frangipane and almonds $3.25
Hazelnut Nutella Twice Baked Croissant – our chocolate croissant filled with Nutella and covered with frangipane and hazelnuts $3.50
Korvapuusti – a Finnish variation of cinnamon roll, with cardamon and quince paste $1.65

Flaky, all butter pie crust elevates even the most delectable fillings. Seasonal fruits bring a bright freshness to our sweet hand pies; while savory pies draw upon a rich international palette, including a Greek inspired Kale and Feta pie, Ratatouille, and Beef Jalapeño.

Savory Vegetarian Pies $5.35
Savory Meat Pies $6.85
Quiche, roasted tomato, spinach, and chèvre  $5.35
Seasonal Fruit Pies $5.50

Sandwiches and savory hand pies with international influences, Onigiri rice balls and Nikuman steamed buns- grab and go, or add to a Bento Lunch Box, including a mixed green salad, vegetarian side, and Japanese Pickles. Daily specials range from gluten-free veggie bowls, fried rice, and noodle dishes.

Multi-grain veggie bowl (GF/V/VG) – mixed greens, tofu, wakame, avocado, and pickles on a bed of gluten free grains, topped with house made carrot ginger dressing – add egg or smoked salmon for extra protein $1/2 $8.35
Banh Mi – classic Vietnamese sandwich with Vietnamese ham, pickles, jalapeño, cucumber, chicken liver pate on house baked mochi/wheat baguette $7.25
Pork Kimchi Nikuman Steamed Bun – roasted pork and house made kimchi stuffed into our own Bao-style bun $6.85
Onigiri Rice Balls (GF) – the classic Japanese hand food- our multi-grain mix with an array of fillings (pickled plum, preserved lemon, bonito, salmon, garlic chili) wrapped in nori seaweed $2.50-2.85
Soup of the Day $4.00
Bento Box Lunch – turn a sandwich, rice ball, pastry, pie, soup or bun into a well balanced meal. Each Bento Box includes a mixed green salad, vegetarian side, and Japanese pickles. Add 3.50

Our rotating dessert offerings reflect seasonality and well-baked, classic European fare, with an occasional international twist.  While you’ll find the most traditional Cannelé de Bordeaux, our panna cotta leans towards Southeast Asian influences of coconut milk and fresh mango. French Macarons filled with miso caramel, Chocolate soufflé cake with a sake twist, and Babka with swirls of black sesame, our inspirations travel beyond political and cultural boundaries in order to achieve flavors that are both excitingly exotic and familiarly comforting.

Cannelé de Bordeaux $2.15
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie $1.65
Visitandine Almond Cookie with Sour Cherry (GF) $1.50
Florentine Cookie w/ Almond $1.95
French Macarons $1.95
Double Chocolate Sake Cake $2.85

At Ten Ten Pié, we offer a variety of desserts for holiday gatherings and special occasions.  Whether it is a Chocolate Caramel Pecan Tart for Thanksgiving, or Buche de Noel Yule Log for Christmas, or a wide variety of flavors and colors of Macarons for your wedding, we create beautiful show stoppers to help celebrate your special day.

Call or contact us via email to inquire about placing an order.


We carry an electic mix of
international specialty foods.
Whether you want a snack
food fix or you’re looking
for a hard-to-find ingredient
for a recipe, check us out.


Chips, rice crackers, candies, and more. Ten Ten Pie´ strives to offer a diverse and unique gift selection of snack foods from Japan and beyond. Great for a quick snack or a unique gifts. Featuring Maine’s largest array of Pocky.

International specialty foods that will make any meal truly memorable, including noodles, flavorful sauces, Asian pickles, and exotic seasonings. Look for our house made Kimchi!

Ten Ten’s classic beer cooler is stocked with some of the best beer that Maine breweries have to offer. Our selection includes Japanese micro-brews and rice based beers.

Ten Ten Pie´ curates a small selection of whites, reds, and rosés, chosen for their unique character, delicious flavor, and distinct value.

Choosing Sake has become an exciting curation at Ten Ten Pié as Atsuko’s love for sake has grown since she’s tasted “Dassai 39” in Tokyo. Currently we carry only Junmai, the purest, naturally brewed sake.  Our goal is to make the introduction to sake as casual as possible; we would like you to choose sake just like you’d choose beer and wine, and that’s exactly why we carry cute, irresistible $5 Panda one-cup right next to Dassai Daiginjo, one of the most superior sakes you can buy in the States!

Our Partners


Ten Ten Pie´ partners with local and regional farmers, food producers, and provisioners to source high quality ingredients. We also proudly provide our products to some of the best local eateries and food producers. We invite our customers to patronize these wonderful establishments.


171 Cumberland Ave
Portland, ME 04101
(207) 956-7330